Our high-quality, low-cost carrier was launched in May 2019 to stimulate a heavily underdeveloped market: more than half of the population has never flown domestically. FlyArystan is bringing air travel to a new, cost-conscious audience. Despite the slowdown of air traffic globally and in almost all domestic markets worldwide. The airline has achieved remarkable performance since launch. 

The airline is seen as a crucial enabler to the domestic economy and has significant growth potential.

FlyArystan comes as a result of a rapidly changing local and regional airline business environment. It will be good for the mid to long-term prospects of Air Astana, and we hope, very welcome to the Kazakhstan travelling public, who will be able to benefit from significantly cheaper airfares on domestic and regional routes.

Peter Foster

CEO of Air Astana Group

Rapid growth

Launched in May 2019 FlyArystan offers low airfares, initially on domestic Kazakh routes, but with an ambition to expand onto regional international routes in the mid-term.

Starting operations with 2 Airbus A320 aircraft, configured to an all-economy class of 180 seats, FlyArystan continues to expand its fleet which will enable the low-cost carrier to increase its flights, both in terms of frequencies on existing market routes in addition to routes that have previously not been serviced.

Since its launch FlyArystan has been the primary stimulus for growth in the Kazakh travel market. Our dedication to innovation has enabled us to lower fares and enable more people to travel. Combining high-quality service with our low-cost model has proven hugely popular and our continued growth is testament to that profitability. Since 2019 FlyArystan has operated on the core business principle of ‘don't pay for what you don't want’, this principle has been well received in all the markets we operate to and has made us one of the best low-cost carrier in the world.

Adrian Hamilton-Manns

President & CEO, FlyArystan

Service Excellence

Although FlyArystan is a low-cost operator, safety remains our number one priority, and we uphold the same high safety standards and regulatory processes as Air Astana.

With an initial launch team of approximately 160 aviation professionals, FlyArystan is making air travel possible for the regions increasingly affluent and youthful populations.

Growth of low-cost carrier activity

In 2018, low-cost carriers (LCC’s) carried an estimated 1.3 billion passengers globally, and accounted for approximately 31% of the world‘s total scheduled passengers. LCCs are growing in prominence in Asian markets and almost half of the world’s LCC orders originate from the region.